Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fake !

One day I woke up
In the middle of a long dream
As I woke up
It was thick dark ..
and its also  the light
at  the same time .

I blindly touched here and there
To grab the real  
Through the dark ( or through the light ? )
Thinking which is real
The dark or the light ?

I heard so many voices
 so nice so so kind so friendly so real….
I screamed  asking them
The dark or the light ?
They laughed at me
I felt awkward
And then came a nasty smell.
The smell of the almost dead
insides of the noises..

Then the dark (the light) spoke to  me
The Real is dead now
but Fake is the real 
 and ..I whispered to my heart..
Nothing called real !
Fake is the real !

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